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Beliefs and Values

Marble Arch School is a well knit family of students, parents and teachers and everyone is an adored, respected and loved member.

We believe that every child is capable of greatness and it is for us to nurture their individual potential and make an environment wherein they can grow and blossom.

The School Motto clearly sums up the philosophy and vision of the School.

IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE – in every aspect of their life is what MAS aims to instil in every child- Desire, Courage, Confidence in Themselves along with a sense of Loyalty

STUDENTS of MAS are expected to respect for all forms of authority. Concern for the needs of others, and consideration for the less fortunate are traits that are inculcated in in MAS students.

Awareness of the environment and of their responsibility to conserve it. A willingness to face fearlessly all the obstacles that life will endeavor to place in their path and to have the strength of will to overcome them.