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Principal’s Message

We at Marble Arch School are a family that Live, Learn, Love and Laugh together.

At Marble Arch School we believe that ever child is unique and it is this uniqueness that has to be nurtured and polished till it shines bright. At MAS we strongly believe in academic inventiveness right from pre-school till STD 10 through creative teaching methods ,innovative techniques, dedication and a positive outlook during these challenging and changing times.

MAS gives its students a vast variety of non academic, co-curriculum and extra curriculum opportunities to nurture their talent and to rejuvenate their minds and bodies to help them cope with the relentless pressure of the academic curriculum.

The school provides the necessary support to students to be able to undertake training that is essential to excel in national sporting and cultural events, while never compromising on their academic pursuits.

Each year our students achieve great success in their STD 10 ICSE board exams and that our academic achievements are a matter of great pride to all of us at school .

The enthusiastic involvement of the teaching , non-teaching staff as well as the PTA and parents in the success of our students is very heart warming.